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The Rimblades® Story – The worlds number 1 stick-on rim protector. Our MD says:

“In 2009 I was running a business building custom air-cooled Volkswagens and in the September bought myself a brand new company car. As I like to modify my cars, the first thing I did was lower it and fit some large alloys, but that same week kerbed both nearside wheels on the same day....

Rimblades’ Top Ten Performance Alloy Wheels Of All Time!

Rimblades’ Top Ten Performance Alloy Wheels Of All Time!

Rimblades are the ultimate, high-performance alloy wheel rim protector, giving enthusiast driver’s a distinct edge over anything else in the marketplace.

It’s fair to say that there have been some truly exceptional alloy wheels over the last few decades, and our ‘Blades have been used to protect, enhance and upgrade most of them!

But which are the best?

Here are our top ten favourites - see if you agree:

10. Ford Pepperpots

Ford's iconic 'Pepperpot' alloy wheels were extremely popular back in the '80s. They're one of the most iconic wheelsets ever made which is why they kick off our list. The name for the wheels, of course, comes from their pepperpot design inspiration, and based on a wheel originally created by UK-based aftermarket wheel specialist Wolfrace.

The Pepperpot made its debut on the Fiesta XR2 and Capri 2.8i, and while only measuring 13-inch, small by today's standards, they certainly stood out!

ford pepperpots

9. Porsche Teledials

OK, we admit that we nearly did the obvious, but it would’ve been too easy to put the Fuchs at number one - and Rimblades always do things differently!

One of Stuttgart’s (many) iconic wheels, at number 9 we have the Teledial. First used on the ‘78 928, as with Ford’s Pepperpots, the Teledial name is inspired by another fairly mundane household object - the old rotary dial telephone.

Yes, the RS Spyder wheel is better to look at, and the ‘Turbo Twists’ found on the 993 certainly have a more inspiring name; but we chose the Teledial because it was a highly technical wheel designed for improved aerodynamics and brake cooling.

Following the use of Teledials on its 928, Porsche went on to use them on the 911, 944 (including Turbo version) and 924 S. The Teledial design has inspired many other alloy wheel designs since and continues to do so.

Porsche Teledials

8. Audi A1 Quattro

We’re into our rally cars here at Rimblades, and wanted to include the unmistakable Cromodora-made alloy wheels made famous by the Lancia Delta Integrale. However, it’s fair to say we don’t supply too many kits destined for this wheel, so instead we’ve opted for the awesome A1 quattro which uses Audi’s own rallying heritage to equally great effect.

Finished to complement the deep gloss glacier white paintwork of the car, the bladed fins force cooling air over the brakes shrouded behind them, whilst chunky centre-locking lug nuts complete the rally inspired look.

Picking out that centre nut with a set of red ‘blades makes the A1 Quattro ‘rally stage ready’.

a1 quattro

7. Ford RS

Second entry from Ford, this four-spoke wheel design was first used on the Ford Escort Mexico in 1970, off the back of the Ford works team London to Mexico World Cup Rally victory. The RS alloys were initially manufactured by GKN before production moved in-house to Ford. Their popularity rose quickly and they soon became the only choice for drivers of fast Ford’s, including Escorts, Fiestas and Capris.

Ford RS

6. Mercedes C63 AMG

First alloy wheel on our list from Mercedes is the ‘W204’. Easy to kerb, and a real pain to clean thanks to the 16 spoke design; these high-performance alloys are luxurious yet edgy at the same time. An option on the C63 AMG, the majority of customers that choose to protect these stunning alloys opt for our Ultra ‘Blades.

Admiring these wheels when upgraded with Rimblades will help take your mind off the 16mpg fuel consumption and sub 10k tyre life!

Mercedes C63 AMG

5. BBS Cross Spoke

BBS’ three-piece Cross Spoke alloys first launched in 1972. Fitted to countless performance and racing cars, BBS Cross Spokes were a revolutionary lightweight performance wheel with a forged centre and two part rim. This allowed for easy wheel width variations with a gasket sealing the split to make it airtight.

Some would say the king of wheels, Baungartner Brand Schiltach (BBS to you and me), created an absolute design classic with their cross spoke, and it is one of the most copied wheels to this day.

If you became a petrolhead in the 80’s, then you will remember these fitted to the E30 M3, and we think you’ll agree no other wheel looked quite as cool!

BBS Cross Spoke

4. Tesla Turbines

On launch there was a lot of talk about the Model 3’s controversial ‘Aero’ wheel which was devised to reduce drag and thus improve performance and range. Based around the original wheels fitted to the first generation Model S, the Aero is actually an aerodynamic cap fitted over a styled alloy ‘skeleton’ wheel. Whilst we’re not big fans of wheel trims, we think the Aero is a pretty cool concept - and you always have the option to remove them as the alloy underneath is a fairly decent wheel!

However, it’s not the Aero which makes our top ten. Instead we’re going with Tesla’s most well-known wheel option for the Tesla Model S - the awesome ‘Turbine’. Also found in the larger 22” size on the Model X, the Turbine is a super aggressive-looking alloy wheel that just screams performance. They're also a firm favourite amongst our customers, we’ve upgraded loads of Turbines, and have always been really pleased with the results.

Tesla Turbines

3. McLaren-Mercedes SLR

The 200mph+ McLaren-Mercedes SLR super grand tourer was actually launched with three wheel options, the base one being a five-spoke 18” wheel - as fitted to the launch car. However, it was quite telling that Mercedes and McLaren chose to shoot the initial press photos of that 18” shod car, from quite a distance away...

Thankfully, lucky owners could choose the 19” Turbine wheel; and whilst a very expensive option (retailing at over £5k a wheel), you will struggle to find an SLR without them.

Designed and crafted in Germany by Borbet wheels the turbine design makes the wheels appear to be turning even at standstill!

McLaren-Mercedes SLR

2. VW Golf GTI Pirelli Edition

Yes, this is a wheels top ten, and we know that Pirelli are all about tyres. However, the Pirelli Edition Golf’s featured a multitude of Pirelli inspired cosmetic tweaks, including some pretty cool alloy wheels.

Although a very nice wheel in its own right, we’re not talking about the Pirelli branded five spokes of the run-out Mk5 GTI. No, we’re referring to the original ‘83 VW Golf GTI Pirelli Edition and it’s unique 14in P-slot wheels, featuring a slightly less stretched version of Pirelli’s iconic ‘Long P’ logo as part of the wheel casting itself.

The concept of integrating a performance partner's logo within the structure of the alloy itself could have backfired badly for VW, but whilst not quite as gimmicky as a set of Ronal Teddy Bears (google it) we think it works. Watch this space for the Rimblade equivalent!

VW Golf GTI Pirelli Edition

1. Audi R8 V10

Available only on the 5.2-litre V10 model, Audi’s distinctive R8 five-spoke design doubles up to ten-spoke by the time it hits the outer edge of the wheel.

A very contemporary design, we love that this wheel is somehow bold yet elegant at the same time. Sure, you can trace the design inspiration back through other manufacturers' wheels and in that sense it’s not exactly ground-breaking; but we think it works best in the big Audi.

audi r8 v10

Which Is Your Favourite?

That’s it, 10 of our favourite performance alloy wheels. Now it’s time for you to tell us yours. Head over to our Facebook page here and get involved with the poll, pinned to the top of the page or cast your vote here.

Get The Edge

Are you a performance driver looking to upgrade the performance and look of your alloy wheels? Do you currently use alloy rim protectors? If not, why not “Get the Edge” with Rimblades.

Rimblades are designed for the enthusiast who understands that a bonded solution provides all the impact performance needed, plus the flexibility and affordability to quickly and easily replace a damaged protector.

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