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Rimblades are designed for the car enthusiasts that are looking for the best alloy protection, but also want to maintain their vehicles aesthetics. Rimblades alloy rim protectors are designed as a sacrificial performance and aeshetic upgrade, all you need to do is find the most suitable set for your vehicle and never worry about kerb damage again!

The Drivers Alloy Protector

Because Rimblades® products are a bond on product, they are super easy to fit and are extremely light with a lower mass when rotating. The 3M bonding tape adds an extra layer of cushioning and protects the alloy rim surface underneath even further.

The Latest 3M Technology

We use a highly technical 3M solution which adheres using viscous flow and achieves maximum bond 72 hours after installation, although the product is ready for use immediatly. Approved in independent tests by 3M and Millbrook, the cured bond strength is impressive but also fully reversible by chemical reaction utilising Rimblades® VHB removal agent.

For the drivers who need to quickly reinstate a leased vehicle at the end of it's contract, Rimblades® will leave immaculate alloys after removal, with zero residue or trace that the product was ever fitted to begin with.

Easy To Fit & Remove

After an impact, you can quickly and easily remove and replace the Rimblades with a new one. We sell single wheel replacement kits and a VHB Removal Agent to easily remove the bonding system.

Rimblades are manufactured in the UK utilising the most advanced materials on the market, supplied by global technology partners such as 3M and Exxon Mobil. Rimblades carry multiple international design patents.

With Rimblades, the mechanical integrity of your tyre bead is never compromised. Rimblades is the wheel protector for those driving enthusiasts that care about the performance, handling and looks of their vehcile.

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