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The Rimblades® Story – The worlds number 1 stick-on rim protector. Our MD says:

“In 2009 I was running a business building custom air-cooled Volkswagens and in the September bought myself a brand new company car. As I like to modify my cars, the first thing I did was lower it and fit some large alloys, but that same week kerbed both nearside wheels on the same day....

Rimblades: To Colour Match or to Contrast?

Rimblades: To Colour Match or to Contrast?

Even though putting the right set of aftermarket wheels on your ride will tremendously improve the appearance, the actual customisation process has just started. You need to decide on the paint of the wheels, possible wrapping (if you want to go that route), and the protection for your precious rolling stock. That is where Rimblades come in, as the ultimate and most affordable protection for your wheels. But don’t think that having a set of Rimblades alloy wheel rim protectors is not customising. We offer our products in a whole range of great colours, which brings us to a crucial question: to colour match or contrast? Let’s find out.

Colour Matching

Colour matching can be considered a safe option since it is going with the already existing exterior colour of the vehicle and/or wheels. Yes, it is a more elegant, monochromatic or minimalistic approach since your Rimblades set blends in with body colour and/or wheel design. We recommend going with this approach when the vehicle is a company car, classic or if it is in a specific external hue which is essential for some reason. Also, this is great for protecting stock wheels or if you have a set of standard silver-painted rims you want to keep looking ordinary. For example, a grey set of Rimblades on a silver vehicle with matching wheels would be almost invisible to the untrained eye. So, colour matching is a great way to go if you want the protection without standing out.

Contrasting Colours

Now we are talking!

If you are serious about customising your vehicle, wheel choice (colour, model, size) is one of the main concerns. So it is entirely logical to keep those wheels looking as good as new with the help of a set of 'Blades. Since our products are offered in up to 12 colour options, a real enthusiast would be crazy not to take advantage of the choice. But how to perfectly colour-match the set with the rest of the car? There are no strict rules, of course, but we can give you a few suggestions...

Firstly, avoid putting dark coloured Rimblades or Rimsavers on your wheels since the dark colour will blend with your tyres and make your wheels look smaller. In the current car culture, where bigger wheels equal better car looks; you don’t want to do that.

Secondly, try to find a contrasting colour that would complement the design of the wheels and the vehicle. One of the best examples is when you have a black car with black wheels fitted with a set of red Rimblades. Red is our most popular colour for a reason - it pops! We also really like Lime Green against black wheels. Don't forget, Rimblades can also be matched with the colours of your brake calipers, badges and other trim pieces.

The third piece of advice is to try and avoid having three different colours (body, Rimblades, wheels); over-complicating it generally doesn't work although we have seen a handful like this that look great.

Continue YOUR Customisation Journey by Getting The Edge Today!

The best thing about Rimblades, apart from being perfect protection for your alloy wheels, is the fact that they are designed to be sacrificial unlike many alternative products. Rimblades are just as easy to install as they are to remove meaning you're not stuck with the same colour choice forever and you could change your 'Blades depending on your mood, new cad mods, the season etc.

Rimblades are manufactured wholly in the UK utilising the most advanced materials on the market. Our products have been fully tested by Millbrook for high-speed endurance, various road surfaces and kerb strikes at various angles.

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