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The Rimblades® Story – The worlds number 1 stick-on rim protector. Our MD says:

“In 2009 I was running a business building custom air-cooled Volkswagens and in the September bought myself a brand new company car. As I like to modify my cars, the first thing I did was lower it and fit some large alloys, but that same week kerbed both nearside wheels on the same day....

Rimblades' Favourite Aftermarket Alloy Wheels

Rimblades' Favourite Aftermarket Alloy Wheels

As you probably guessed by now, we at Rimblades are genuine aftermarket wheel enthusiasts. Our time is divided between designing new products and perfecting our range and talking about all kinds of aftermarket wheels, their specs, and trying them on various cars. We wouldn't be in this business if we didn't have such affection for these shiny pieces of "automotive jewellery," as they are sometimes called.

However, we are often asked what our favourite aftermarket wheels are. This pretty simple question is, in fact, very hard to answer. It is because there are so many different styles and types of aftermarket rims that we are overwhelmed by choice every time we think about it. You have to know that one wheel could look fantastic on one car but entirely out of place on another, ruining the experience. There are very few aftermarket wheels that look good on almost anything and are widely recognised throughout the industry. But today, we will try to narrow down our list to five of the most iconic and recognisable aftermarket alloy wheels. Here we go.

1. Fifteen52 Tarmac

We can all agree that the Fifteen52 Tarmac wheel is a masterpiece of minimalism and simplicity. It is an entirely flat (ET42) wheel with a straightforward star pattern, which is reminiscent of classic Ferrari wheels from the 80s. However, despite being a perfect replacement if you want to modernise your 1987 Testarossa, for example, this design has profound motorsport heritage being used on numerous rally cars in the 90s and early 2000s as well as on Ken Block's Fiesta. It is available in several colours, including gold and gunmetal gray, but we feel that plain matte white is most striking, and it will be good on anything. Its elegance and lack of details will complement the car's lines and provide you with a fantastic motorsport connection. We also make Rimblades in white, so you don't interrupt the visual flow of the whole package if you choose this wheel.fifteen 52 alloys

Image credit: gazooracingyaris on Instagram


2. Enkei RPF1

For decades, the Enkei RPF1 was the definitive JDM wheel and design most commonly seen on tuner cars all over the world. Available in a wide range of sizes and bolt patterns, RPF1 soon gained a stellar reputation as being very tough and dependable, which people with rock-hard suspension and low profile rubber really appreciated. The secret of RPF1 is the materials and technology used in production, which earned Enkei a place amongst McLaren Formula One team partners. Even though it is a simple wheel with no specific details, it became very popular and defined the era and tuner culture shown in the first Fast and Furious movies. Interestingly, the Enkei RPF1 is very affordable, so there is no reason why you shouldn't get one for your collection. We got you covered with colour-matching Rimblades for protection.

Enkei RPF1

Image credit: mbartley1988 on Instagram



No list of legendary wheels would be complete without the most iconic 80s detail – BBS RS. This German company pioneered three-piece wheels for racing in the early '70s and in 1983 introduced it as an expensive OEM option for several car brands. Since then, they were produced in dozens of variations and sizes with gold, black, or silver centre sections but always with three-piece technology and signature lace design. There is no 80s car that doesn't look good riding on a set of BBS RS wheels, and over the years, those wheels became legendary, and surviving sets have reached very high prices. However, since they are so iconic and expensive, BBS RS wheels are frequently copied. In most cases, fake BBS RS wheels are not made from the same quality materials and are usually suspiciously cheap. This wheel is extremely popular with the stance crowd and just go to any such car meet, and you will see numerous cars with those wheels, original or fake.

bbs rs

Image credit: sheffy_go_hawaii on Instagram


4. Vossen CVT

One of the coolest modern aftermarket wheels is definitely the Vossen CVT. Often installed on high-end supercars and German models from the likes of Audi or BMW. CVT is an exquisite, 10-spoke design with sharp edges, clean styling, which can be had in several colours and sizes ranging from 19 to 22-inches. We love the look of CVT wheels, finished in silver on an all-black Audi A8 or McLaren 720s. As any popular aftermarket wheel, the Vossen CVT is also copied by various companies. Still, you can easily spot the difference in finish and details as well as in the asking price. Of course, several Rimblades products will fit CVT wheels and protect those elegant rims from being damaged.

vossen cvt

Image credit: nwk_lxs on Instagram


5. Volk Racing TE 37

For so many drifting fans, racing enthusiasts, casual track day visitors, and millions of others, Volk Racing TE 37 is the definitive aftermarket wheel. Available from 13 to 19-inch, it suits just about any vehicle and looks great on cars from the 90s through to current models. It is a straightforward, six-spoke design that is proven on the race track in various championships, including Formula One. It is light, tough, and relatively affordable, which is the reason why it is so popular and commonly seen. You cannot even imagine a tuned Skyline GT-R without a set of gold TE 37s.

volk racing TE 37

Image credit: boba_m3 on Instagram

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rimblades on corvette

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