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The Rimblades® Story – The worlds number 1 stick-on rim protector. Our MD says:

“In 2009 I was running a business building custom air-cooled Volkswagens and in the September bought myself a brand new company car. As I like to modify my cars, the first thing I did was lower it and fit some large alloys, but that same week kerbed both nearside wheels on the same day....

Rimblades' 7 Favourite Motorsport Moments of All Time

Rimblades' 7 Favourite Motorsport Moments of All Time

Motorsport never fails to amaze us - especially when it's the combined result of driving genius and engineering excellence.

As the wheel protection brand designed by - and for - the car enthusiast, Rimblades are naturally huge fans of all kinds of motor racing - from the British Touring Car Championship to Formula One, WRC and even off-road events like the Baja 1000 - we follow it all.

Partly due to lockdown and partly because of the time of year, we’ve felt a little race deprived recently, so over winter we’ve been raiding the back catalogue - and thought we’d share just some of our favourite moments of all time from the sports we love.

There’s far too many to choose from so we’ve decided to pick 7 of our favourites. Sit back and enjoy:

1995 World Rally Championship

The 1995 edition of the World Rally Championship is widely considered as the event that cemented the legendary Colin McRae as an all-time great. McRae had already scored back to back British titles in '91 and '92, followed up by becoming the first Brit in almost 20 years to claim a win at the UK's WRC round in '94.

The year later, McRae was given a full-time seat with Subaru and was tied for points for the '95 WRC in the last event of the season with his teammate Carlos Sainz. However, after a rather eventful last few days, it was McRae that emerged as World Champion.


Schumacher's 2004 French GP

The 2004 French GP took place at the Circuit Nevers Magny-Cours back when the cars were still equipped with roaring V10's! Alonso was ahead of Schumacher in qualifying and during the race for the most part. It took a clever strategy from Ferrari (4 pit stops, instead of 3) to let Schumacher make the most of the car's pace to beat Alonso to the finish - which he did in the end by 8.3 seconds.

The Birth of Formula-E

Formula E, the single-seater championship that uses electric-only cars, was conceived back in 2011 by Jean Todt at the FIA. The inaugural event kicked off in Beijing and some of the drivers from this race - including Nelson Piquet Jr, di Grassi and Sebastian Buemi are now fully-fledged Formula E Stars. This first-ever race however will likely be remembered for di Grassi's history-making win for the Audi Sport Abt team following that final corner collision between Prost and Heidfeld.

The Fastest RS500

Who doesn't love the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth - the ‘Cossie’. One of the fastest touring cars of the 80’s, and a car which looked fast stood still!

Brit’s Steve Soper and Andy Rouse were synonymous with the RS500, but the car was successfully raced across Europe and beyond - with Aussie legend Dick Johnson claiming to be running the fastest of them all.

That claim was put to the test on 4 September, 1988, when Johnson’s team travelled halfway around the world to battle it out at the world’s oldest continuous motor race - the RAC Tourist Trophy - which that year constituted round nine of the ETCC.

Much to the shock of the crowds, wildcard Johnson not only qualified on pole, he totally dominated during the race - and was only stopped by a mechanical, which effectively handed the win to a very relieved Andy Rouse. What a race!


The First Lotus GP Win

At the 1960 Monaco GP on the 29th May, in an epic, extremely wet, three-hour battle for the ages, Sir Stirling Moss came out triumphant to give Lotus its first ever Grand Prix win. In the process, Moss cemented his reputation as the rain master.

After the first victory by Moss, Lotus race cars have gone on to take the chequered flag a further 80 times - delivering six Drivers’ Championships and seven Constructors’ Championships.

Foggy VS Hislop

Ok, so we don’t do ‘Blades for motorcycles (yet!), but we still love our two wheel sport - and road racing in particular as the bikes are that bit more relevant to road riders.

Of all road races, we’re going TT, and more specifically the 1992 senior race - widely regarded as the greatest TT race of all time. Featuring two of motorcycling’s all time greats, Carl Fogarty and Steve Hislop never got more than 6 seconds apart from each other over the duration of the 6 laps. However, it was Steve Hislop that eventually emerged victorious on the famous rotary powered Norton ‘White Charger’ in this exhilarating iconic race.


Piquet VS Senna Hungary 1986

Back to F1 and probably the greatest pass in history - and if you’ve never seen it then you may be forgiven for thinking it was the flamboyant Ayrton Senna who made it on Nelson Piquet...

Piquet was already twice world champion by the ‘86 season, but Senna was beginning to eclipse his fellow Brazillian rival with some truly amazing - and sometimes borderline reckless driving.

Piquet hated being challenged by Senna, who he referred to as the ‘Sao Paulo Taxi Driver’ - and at the Hungaroring, set out to give the younger upstart a bit of a slap!

Senna led from pole when Piquet made ‘the move’ - a truly outrageous manoeuvre around the outside of the track, momentarily touching the dirt before backing the car into the right hander with a huge opposite lock on the car. Truly sublime.


That’s it for Rimblades’ favourite moments of all time. You’ll likely disagree with some of these and it’s fairly subjective. Let us know your opinions and favourite moments by tagging us on social media.

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