Not Sure What Colour Combination To Go For?

Choosing the perfect colour to go with your car is a hard choice...
There are a lot of things to factor into the thought process. Do you want to stand out? Do you want to match the car paint colour? Will the extremely unique colour combination that you want look terrible?
Fear not, this is the blog for you!
The colour choices for the different Rimblade ranges do vary. For example, on Rimsavers you have 12 colours to choose from, but on Rimblade Light's you only have 9. This is because the different product ranges use different materials, and certain colours are only available with specific materials.
Below is a range of the main colours options that you have with our products.
Now you are probably trying to visualise which colour will look the best on your vehicle. Once again, we have got you covered! Below are some GIFs cycling through all of the different car colours and what each Rimblades colour combination will look like!










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