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The Rimblades® Story – The worlds number 1 stick-on rim protector. Our MD says:

“In 2009 I was running a business building custom air-cooled Volkswagens and in the September bought myself a brand new company car. As I like to modify my cars, the first thing I did was lower it and fit some large alloys, but that same week kerbed both nearside wheels on the same day....

Introducing Rimfinity™ - Endless Protection and Style.

Introducing Rimfinity™ - Endless Protection and Style.

The Rimfinity™ story began when renowned VW tuner Darren Bowden purchased an expensive set of ‘tyre-trap’ protectors, and was left feeling very disappointed with the product.

Darren had fitted the protectors to prevent damage after upgrading the wheels on his own car. However, shortly after fitting he began to read horror stories in various owners forums about universal tyre-trap protectors suddenly detaching at the join and causing severe damage to vehicles.

Having decided to remove the protectors, worse was to come. Darren discovered significant abrasion damage to the visible area underneath the protector, and also to the inside of the rim where the hard nylon teeth had dug into the soft alloy. The problem was that road dirt, salt and grit had collected at the back of the protector, and as the product had moved between tyre and alloy, had effectively ‘sanded down’ the surface, leaving an unsightly stripe of damage.

Whilst quite upset about having to get his new wheels refurbished, Darren had inadvertently identified a clear gap in the market for a ‘next generation’ tyre-trap solution. One which not only offered better protection and style; but which critically eliminated all the problems associated with traditional universal ‘jointed’ tyre-trap protectors.

Extensive R&D and prototyping determined that a continuous band design would enable both a perfect rim-specific fit and at the same time allow the protector profile to sit proud enough of the alloy surface to prevent grit particle build up.

Fast forward over 2 years of trials and tribulations, including development and production setbacks, and constant patent challenges from the traditional universal protector manufacturers; and today Rimfinity is finally here.

The Rimfinity™ advantage

Rimfinity delivers game-changing protection for both alloy and steel wheels. Unlike traditional universal ‘tyre-trap’ protectors, Rimfinity instead utilises a rim-specific ‘continuous band’ - with no unsightly join. Thanks to this innovative design, total integrity of the protector is guaranteed. You not only get a perfect fit - critically, there is no chance of joint failure and any safety issues related to sudden tyre deflation or resultant detachment damage to wheels, arches and bodywork.

Rimfinity™ is also designed with style in mind. Available in a choice of Void Black or Storm Red Edition colourways, Rimfinity will both personalise and visually upgrade any wheel design.

Rimfinity is precision manufactured entirely in the UK from shock absorbing natural rubber (not hard nylon / plastic) and conforms to stringent ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. As a professional fit product, fitting is faster and easier than any other tyre trap protector on the market. Because there is no measuring, cutting, fiddly joint covering or adhesives required - fitting takes just 3 minutes per wheel.

Who is Rimfinity™ for?

Rimfinity™ offers class-leading protection for drivers running either alloy or steel wheels - in a wide range of rim sizes (with new sizes being developed all the time).

Rimfinity™ is perfect for drivers looking to protect their wheels against:

  • ‘Kerb Rash’ (common light contact)
  • Medium kerbing impacts
  • Heavy duty kerbing impacts
  • Standing road debris
  • Off-road track and trail debris
  • Flying stones and gravel
  • Tyre sidewall damage

For Drivers with Alloy Wheels: Typically lighter and more elaborate in design than steel wheels, alloys are also very expensive to replace or repair; and due to the soft nature of aluminium can quickly and easily become damaged. Rimfinity™ can prevent such damage and thanks to its unique profile design, does not actually interface with the alloy surface, so will not reveal an unsightly ring of scratches on removal.

For Drivers with Steel Wheels: Because of its suitability for steel wheel protection, Rimfinity™ is the perfect upgrade for drivers of Pickups, SUV’s and Utility vehicles. With premium ‘go anywhere’ vehicles like the new Defender being specified with steel wheels as standard, protection has never been so important. Upgrade to Rimfinity™ and protect your precious rims against flying stone and gravel chips, and brushes with all kinds of gnarly terrain.

Register for 20% launch discount

If you’re proud of the car you drive and are looking for an instant style and protection upgrade, then register your interest in Rimfinity™ here. As soon as our new webshop is live, we’ll send you a link with a one-time 20% discount code for being part of the Rimfinity journey from the start.

Trade Enquiries

Rimfinity offers excellent profit opportunities for dealers and distributors. If you’re a dealer or distributor and would like to find out more about Rimfinity and the exclusive benefits we can offer you then download our brochure here or complete your details on the contact form on the Rimfinity site:

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