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The Rimblades® Story – The worlds number 1 stick-on rim protector. Our MD says:

“In 2009 I was running a business building custom air-cooled Volkswagens and in the September bought myself a brand new company car. As I like to modify my cars, the first thing I did was lower it and fit some large alloys, but that same week kerbed both nearside wheels on the same day....

Get the edge - Our top 10 Cars of 2020 so far

Get the edge - Our top 10 Cars of 2020 so far

Are you a driver looking to get the edge on the rest with probably the best value for money auto accessory upgrade on the market?

Widely acknowledged as being the drivers wheel protector, Rimblades are designed for the enthusiast who understands that a bonded solution provides ALL the impact performance needed, plus the flexibility to quickly and easily replace a damaged protector – and at a fraction of the cost of over-engineered ‘tyre trap’ type alternatives. 

Rimblades provide a continuous protective ‘blade’ which DIY bonds around the full circumference of your wheel. They are designed to absorb and deflect a range of impacts from flying stones and track debris, to brushes with roadside verges and even full on kerbing. Unlike the others, Rimblades can be very quickly and cost effectively switched out for a replacement ‘blade after a particularly heavy impact – meaning you no longer have to endure tatty and chewed up looking wheel protectors. 

Rimblades also enable you to enhance and personalise the look of your car. A stunning range of unique colour options allow you to either colour match to your cars paintwork, choose your own accent colour scheme, replicate a race team colour combination, or simply pick out your wheels in a contrasting hue. Mono options are also available for drivers who prefer a stealthier look.

Designed to fit a huge range of vehicles, Rimblades are specified by customers driving anything from Hot Hatches and Super Saloons to Performance SUVs and Supercars. Here are our top 10 favourite customer cars so far in 2020:

10. MINI Cooper S

Rimblades top 10 favourite customer cars in 2020 - Mini Cooper S

Starting off at number 10 we have the iconic British performance classic, the MINI Cooper S – still going strong since the re-launch of MINI some 20 years ago. Whilst some purists complain that the later cars have put on a little weight, the MINI is still incredibly agile, and seriously quick down the B-roads. It’s also FUN. In fact, we think the Cooper S will bring out the big kid in anyone who gets behind the wheel. Especially in sport mode, which brings up ‘Maximum Go-Kart Feel’ on the central display, and delivers a throttle blip on the downshifts! Probably one of the most configurable cars on the market, performance wheel protectors are one of the few upgrades you cannot specify from the factory!

9. Hyundai i30N

 Rimblades top 10 favourite customer cars in 2020 - Hyundai i30N

If like us you are a fan of the World Rally Championship, then you’ll be familiar with Hyundai’s ‘N-Car’ competition brand and you will have seen the factory i20 Coupés leading on the gravel and asphalt special stages of the WRC. The i30 N is Hyundai’s attempt to transfer all that race technology to the road – and we think they have done a damn good job! In fact, in terms of bang for your buck, we reckon the i30N is pretty hard to beat. Boasting blistering performance, the i30N is fast, involving and likeable. Backed up by the WRC credentials, it’s also a bit different.

Red Rimblades are proving a very popular upgrade for i30N owners, to compliment the trademark N-Car red accents on the front spoiler and rear diffuser, and red painted brake calipers.

8. Ford Fiesta ST

Rimblades top 10 favourite customer cars in 2020 -Ford Fiesta ST

Our top 10 would not be complete without the ST, as it’s a highly modded car and one which we supply lots of Rimblades for. It’s also still a complete performance bargain. Class-leading handling and grip of the new car will be a big hit with track day enthusiasts, as will the punchy 3-cylinder engine. As this car is likely to be also used as a daily, its low sticker price and near 50mpg fuel economy is also likely to impress – and gives owners the opportunity to save up for new tyres and brakes!

7. BMW M2 Competition

Rimblades top 10 favourite customer cars in 2020 - BMW M2 Competition

If you’ve seen this car in the flesh, you will know how fabulous it looks. From pretty much any angle, it just screams muscle. And the menacing looks are now finally backed up with a real M engine – the M2 Competition features a version of the awesome twin-turbo six-cylinder from the M3 and M4. As a reminder BMW fits the M2 Competition with M branded seatbelts, and seats with an illuminated M badge. We have given numerous BMW M owners the edge with Rimblades to compliment the M Racing tricolore colours!

6. Toyota GT86

Rimblades top 10 favourite customer cars in 2020 - Toyota GT86

Think ‘performance Toyota’, and modern classics like the Celica, Supra and MR2 will probably spring to mind. Well, as far as we’re concerned you can now add GT86. Developed in collaboration with Subaru BRZ, Toyota’s design brief was to create a purists car meeting three key criteria – rear-wheel drive, no turbocharging…and ordinary tyres. The GT86, like many Japanese sports cars, is often modified and tuned for looks and performance. Our customers that have equipped this car with Rimblades are not only protecting their alloy wheels from damage, but are also personalising their amazing car.

5. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Rimblades top 10 favourite customer cars in 2020 - Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Winner of the What Car? Car of the Year 2020 Performance Car, for the second year running, we have the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Designed to go head-to-head with the performance saloon establishment, a well driven Quadrifoglio is more than capable of seeing off an M3 or C63 at the track – and unbelievably beats both in the 0-62mph sprint. There aren’t many options, and the ones you might be tempted by are expensive. Carbon Ceramic brakes, Sir? That will be £5500.00. Thankfully, Rimblades are a performance upgrade bargain that look fantastic on the Giulia Quadrifoglio, and protect those gorgeous alloys. 

4. Tesla Model 3

Rimblades top 10 favourite customer cars in 2020 - Tesla Model 3

Coming in at number 4 on our list we have the electric powered Tesla Model 3 – the car which Tesla conceived as its first true mass-market EV. What they have actually produced is a stunning car which has turned the automotive market upside down. With technology, interior space, and handling to eclipse the brilliant BMW 3 Series; and acceleration pushing more into 340i or C43 AMG territory thanks to the instant torque on tap – and that’s just from the single-motor version! Those owners with Tesla Aero wheels may not realise that they are effectively trims which are removable and actually hide a decent looking alloy underneath. What’s neat is that the Aero wheel trim can actually be reinstalled over Rimblades (if you choose). Take a look at the install video here

3. Audi SQ5

Rimblades top 10 favourite customer cars in 2020 - Audi SQ5

As the category continues to explode, it’s probably no surprise that our top 3 cars are SUVs – albeit three which approach the segment from very different angles. First up, and the most affordable of our top trio, is the amazing Audi SQ5. It’s strange how things go around in seemingly endless cycles. The SQ5 went from 3 litre V6 TDI diesel, to turbocharged petrol V6 (thanks to dieselgate) – and now back to diesel power. We’d go Quantum Grey paint with the optional 21” 5-twin spoke alloys and Silver Rimblades to protect them.

2. Jaguar iPace

Rimblades top 10 favourite customer cars in 2020 - Jaguar iPace

The 2019 World Car of the Year looks fantastically futuristic, fairly compact; and quite civilised. Yet, with four-wheel drive provided by two electric motors which collectively push out nearly 400bhp it can smash the 0-60mph in 4.5sec – which is pushing up towards Model S territory. We think Jaguars groundbreaking iPace puts a huge dent in Tesla’s luxury EV monopoly. Not only is it innovative, it’s a real driver’s car.

Most iPace’s owners we’ve supplied Rimblades for, have chosen to go stealth mode – so black on black alloys, or silver on silver. However, our blue (also popular with BMW i drivers) is a great choice for conveying your electric credentials!

1. Lamborghini Urus

Rimblades top 10 favourite customer cars in 2020 - Lamborghini Urus

Last but not least, we have our personal favourite, the Lamborghini Urus. Surprisingly, this is not the first SUV Lamborghini have created – that was the LM002 launched back in the mid-80s. But that was more an off road truck. This new one is very much road and track focussed. It’s also a bit quicker. In fact, flooring the throttle from standstill is nothing short of staggering, with 2285kg of thumping great SUV going into complete warp mode as its 641bhp turbo V8 wakes up. 60mph from rest comes in a frankly ridiculous 3.3sec; 100mph in less than 8.0sec. That’s more than a second quicker than the last BMW M5…

The outlandish looks and frankly bonkers nature of the Urus has inspired tuning houses around the world to create some very special editions. From simple lowering and wheel upgrades, right through to off-road editions, six wheelers, stretched six door versions and even one we saw on tracks! 

Due to the cost of their investment, Alloy wheel protection is also extremely popular with Urus owners. However, with such huge power and torque on tap, the potential for tyre movement on the rim is high. With tyre trapped wheel protectors grit which collects between these surfaces can effectively sand down the surface of your four (or six!) very expensive alloy wheels. This is just one of the reasons we see so many drivers of heavy, high powered SUV’s choosing Rimblades – which is a bonded solution developed for the enthusiast.


The Driver’s Choice for Alloy Rim Protection

Rimblades is widely recognised as the driver’s choice for alloy rim protection. Here’s why…

The Enthusiasts Brand: Tested and approved by Millbrook, Rimblades are designed by – and for – the car enthusiast. For drivers who are looking for great wheel protection, but who also want to enhance the aesthetics and performance of their vehicle.

Unbeatable Value for Money: All the protection the true enthusiast actually needs and up to a quarter of the price of some tyre-trap rim protectors – whilst utilising high tech materials costing up to three times more. 

Easy to Install and Remove: Simply bond-on without modifying your car for instant enhanced looks and protection. Removal is just as quick and easy without damaging your vehicle in any way. Perfect for leased vehicles which need reinstating at the end of term. 

Tuned for YOUR Needs: Choose your perfect Rimblades from the NEW simplified range. Rimblades Light, Ultra and Pro each offer different levels of protection and product weight to suit your precise needs and driving style. 

World Class Manufacture: Rimblades are manufactured wholly in the UK utilising the most advanced materials on the market, supplied by global technology partners such as 3M and Exxon Mobil. Rimblades carry multiple international design patents. 

Zero Mechanical Compromise: With Rimblades, the mechanical integrity of your tyre bead is never compromised. This means enthusiasts avoid any potential issues related to air seepage and pressure drop, tyre movement on the wheel during spirited drives, or blow out causing sudden deflation.

Rimblades are suited to all vehicle types, and are possibly one of the easiest upgrades to fit to your car yourself. Don’t believe us? Check out our fitting guide.

If you want the ultimate, alloy protection upgrade that will not only enhance the way your car looks, but also provide your alloy wheels with much needed protection, head over to our shop to view the Rimblades product offering.

Get the edge over your peers by ordering Rimblades for your vehicle today.

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