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The Rimblades® Story – The worlds number 1 stick-on rim protector. Our MD says:

“In 2009 I was running a business building custom air-cooled Volkswagens and in the September bought myself a brand new company car. As I like to modify my cars, the first thing I did was lower it and fit some large alloys, but that same week kerbed both nearside wheels on the same day....

kerb rash

Alloy Wheel Kerb Damage - Repair Costs and Prevention Tips

Alloy kerb damage is no laughing matter. Your alloys are not only gorgeous to look at, but they’re also amazingly protective. But did you know they’re at risk of getting seriously damaged on and off the kerb? Let’s take a look.

Alloy Wheel Advantages

First of all, let’s consider why you want to keep your alloys looking and performing at their best. The first benefit should be pretty obvious - they stand out in a crowd. Alloy wheels really do upgrade the visual appeal of your vehicle - and with even minor damage, this can dull.

Also, alloys are excellent at keeping your vehicle light and easy to manoeuvre. That’s going to make for a smoother ride and easier steering. Beyond this, you’ll save money on the fuel economy alone - there’s less pull, meaning less need for fuel.

However, damage your alloy wheels on a kerb, and you might soon be out of pocket.

Alloy Kerb Damage - The Costs of Repair

So - how much does it cost to repair alloy kerb damage? According to Skoda, we’re likely to spend, on average, £68 per alloy should they need fixing. If all four of your wheels need repairing or replacing due to kerb damage, you are looking at more than £270. That’s just a ballpark figure.

What’s distressing here is, again, according to Skoda, British motorists are spending hundreds of millions of pounds on kerb damage. This type of alloy wheel damage is widespread - so what do you need to do to avoid paying out for such costs?

How to Prevent Alloy Wheel Kerb Damage

Alloy kerb damage is preventable. As it happens, kerb damage to your alloys may occur entirely innocently. You may scuff your wheels when parallel parking, for example. Of course, you may end up damaging your wheels if you need to swerve - and hit a kerb.

£68 per wheel may not sound like much, but imagine how often you scrape or accidentally knock a kerb! It all adds up, so make sure to park carefully and watch your movements on the road across the year.


Get The Edge!

Protect those gorgeous wheels stealthily or create further stand out with Rimblades Alloy Protectors. Widely acknowledged as being the drivers wheel protector, Rimblades are designed for the enthusiast who understands that a bonded solution provides ALL the impact performance needed, plus the flexibility to quickly and easily replace a damaged protector. Here are some of the main reasons to buy a set of ‘Blades.

The Enthusiasts Brand: Tested and approved by Millbrook, Rimblades are designed by – and for – the car enthusiast. For drivers who are looking for great wheel protection, but who also want to enhance the aesthetics and performance of their vehicle.

Unbeatable Value for Money: All the protection the true enthusiast actually needs and up to a quarter of the price of some tyre-trap rim protectors – whilst utilising high tech materials costing up to three times more.

Easy to Install and Remove: Simply bond-on without modifying your car for instant enhanced looks and protection. Removal is just as quick and easy without damaging your vehicle in any way. Perfect for leased vehicles which need reinstating at the end of term.

Tuned for YOUR Needs: Choose your perfect Rimblades from Rimblades Light, Ultra and Rimsavers, Each option offers different levels of protection and product weight to suit your precise needs and driving style.

World Class Manufacture: Rimblades are manufactured wholly in the UK utilising the most advanced materials on the market, supplied by global technology partners such as 3M and Exxon Mobil. Rimblades carry multiple international design patents.

Zero Mechanical Compromise: With Rimblades, the mechanical integrity of your tyre bead is never compromised. This means enthusiasts avoid any potential issues related to air seepage and pressure drop, tyre movement on the wheel during spirited drives, or blow out causing sudden deflation.

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