New for 2017, Rimblades Pro is a brand new concept in rim protection. They are a heavy duty product made from a 100% rigid plastic that is cut to the appropriate wheel size and pre formed into a rigid wheel sized ring whilst still hot in our Cornish factory and held together with a clip that the two ends slide into. The rings are then bonded to the rim surface with the latest VHB (very high bond) tape from the new 3M GPH range. Rimblades Pro gives an easy to achieve, professional looking finish due to their rigid nature and are our fastest fit product.

Rimblades Pro only fits wheels with a flat rim surface and require a 6mm flat bonding surface. They are size specific. Current sizes available are 17”, 18”, 19” and 20”.

– Easy DIY fitment
– Wheels with tyres fitted already


Rimblades Pro


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