Rimblades Light £25.00 – New for 2020


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Rimblades Light are manufactured from an extremely lightweight material for reduced rotational mass. Light’s are a great value product designed principally as a colour trim ring styling upgrade or to cover existing damage on your alloy wheels. They also offer a minimal amount of wheel protection against small road debris (flying gravel chips, for example) and very light parking scrapes. They have replaced our original Trims4Rims product and are a suitable replacement.


Rimblades Light rim protectors are made from our own secret blend of polymers resulting in a highly flexible product, which is strong considering it’s super light weight. Rimblades Light have a slightly textured finish.

Rimblades Light are factory fitted with a genuine 3M GPH (General Purpose High Temperature) VHB (Very High Bond) tape with a red tape liner with the 3M logo in white.

Bond On Universal Fitting

Rimblades Light have a flexible fitting guide lip on the top side to aid perfect installation. Due to the flexible nature of the material, they are conformable to a multitude of different wheel shapes (although they do require a continuous surface).

Rimblades Light require cutting to size during each application, and are supplied in 4 x 1.9 metre lengths and will fit wheels up to and including 22” in diameter. Supplied with 3M wheel cleaning wipes and 3M 06396 (REACH compliant) adhesion promoters.


Available in 9 colours.

Although not included in the kit, we have a joining pack available separately to cover the join where Rimblades Light are trimmed to size. Available in our shop.


Rimblades Light are flexible and coiled into a strong 2 part box 16 x 16 x 7cm