All our products are made in our UK factory. If it’s not made by us in the UK it’s not a Rimblades product.

Rimblades USA LLC is a subsidiary company of Rimblades Limited.

  • Company registration number 7471093
  • VAT registration number GB111561360
  • Trademark numbers 2591618, 2637390, 3435657
  • UK registered designs 4018064 & 4018065
  • European registered designs 001314470-0001, 001314470-002, 002080697-001, 002980615-0001, 003351824-0001, 003351766-0001, 003352293-0001, 003352236-0001, 004507648-001, 004507648-00, 007021944-0001
  • US patents 7296860, D747,257, D 745,447
  • Canadian patents 149742 & 149743
  • Korea 30-933056
  • China ZL2017300499156

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The products we sell, we invented. We are aware of manufacturers in Asia using our designs and brand. Be very careful when buying from Amazon and eBay that you get a genuine quaity product. We’ve had the fakes tested by 3M, who state the 3M branded tape used by these companies is also fake.

Please note we have our products protected in all of Europe, USA, Canada Korea and China. We enforce our intellectual property rights on a regular basis.


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