We believe our products are very easy to fit. First make sure you have the correct product for your wheel rim shape-see our FAQ’s page.

All our products use a high quality double sided tape called a VHB (very high bond). The tape used on Rimblades, Scuffs, Rimsavers & Rimblades Pro is the latest tape from 3M called the VHB GPH 060. This tape bonds to the wheel surface using viscous flow. This means the maximum bond is not instant, but takes around 72 hours to fully cure, although useable bond strength is reached within 24 hours. On Trims4Rims we use a sticky foam tape made by Tesa.

The key to good installation, is a clean and totally contaminant free wheel surface. The things that really stops bonding are silicone left over on the wheels from tyre shine products and spray silicone tyre lubrication used by some tyre fitters. Additionally, some of the new anti-brake dust wheel cleaners also leave a non stick surface. If any of these products have been used, you will need to remove any residue first. Additionally ceramic coatings have become popular over recent years and if you’ve had your car ceramic coated and the wheels have also been done they will have a non-stick surface.

There is no way our products won’t stick unless something is stopping the adhesion. To prepare the surface fully if you think any of the above has been used or if you just want to be 100% confident the wheel is properly prepared, we recommend the use of a magic eraser cleaning pad (3M Scotch Brite, Mr Clean etc) along with a good kitchen washing up liquid.

Once you are happy the surface is contaminant free, use the IPA (alcohol) cleaning wipes included in the kit to fully clean the surface where the product will fit. Once this is dry (less than a minute), use the provided 3M adhesion promoter/primers provided around the full circumference of the wheel where the product will fit. Try not to get this anywhere else. If you do, it can be cleaned off with the IPA wipes. The primer is fully ready within 5 minutes, up to a maximum time of 20 minutes. No primer is supplied with Trims4Rims as not required.

It is then a simple case of removing some of the backing tape and lining up the product with the wheel rim and sticking it on a few inches at a time. It really is as simple as peel and stick. When you get to the end, leave the last inch or so of backing tape on, overlap the two ends of the product and mark where to cut with a craft knife or pencil. On Rimblades & Scuffs, you can cut them a fraction oversize and tuck the ends together. On RimSavers, we include joining pieces to cover where the cut is. Rimblades Pro is pre-sized & doesn’t need cutting, but on Trims4Rims try to be as accurate as you can.

The next bit is very important. These tapes are pressure activated, so go round pushing the product on with firm pressure. A damp (not wet) cloth can assist in getting good pressure into the tape all the way round the wheel.

Once fitted, drive carefully until tape fully cured.

Tips & Tricks

If fitting with the wheels on the car, jack up the car, so you can spin the wheel to making fitting faster & easier.

If you can’t jack up the car, fit the top half of the product, then roll the car forwards (or backwards) and fit the second half still working at the top.

The tapes need warm fitting conditions. If fitting in colder conditions, use a hairdryer to warm the wheel and product during fitting.

If you want to, you can add a small drop of superglue over the join.

It is likely that some tape residue will be left on the wheel as if properly installed and bonded the tape will be half on the wheel and half on the rim protector with the tape core splitting. Use our tape removal formula then (available in our spares shop) to dissolve the left over tape and turn it into an easy to remove jelly with no damage to your wheels.

If you have any fitting queries, please contact us.


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