Rimblades – Get the Edge

The Drivers Wheel Protector

Rimblades are designed for the enthusiast – for drivers who are looking for great wheel protection, but who also want to maintain the aesthetics of their vehicle. Rimblades alloy wheel rim protectors are designed as a sacrificial performance upgrade.

Rimblades effectively absorb and deflect impacts, whilst maintaining a buffer between objects and the surface of your alloys.

Because Rimblades products are a bond on upgrade, they’re super easy to fit and are lighter with a lower rotating mass. The bonding tape from 3M adds an extra layer of cushioning and actually protects the surface beneath.

For those who believe our 3M bonding system is just sticky backed tape – think again. The latest 3M system we use is a highly technical solution which adheres using viscous flow and achieves maximum bond at 72 hours, although a useable bond is immediate. Approved in independent tests by 3M and Millbrook, cured bond strength is massive – whilst fully reversible by chemical reaction utilising Rimblades VHB removal agent. For drivers who need to quickly reinstate a leased vehicle at the end of contract, Rimblades will leave immaculate alloys – and zero trace that the product was ever fitted.

After an impact, you have the option of quickly and easily removing and replacing your Rimblades product. We sell single wheel replacement kits and a cleaner to easily remove our bonding system.

Rimblades are wholly (100%) made in the UK utilising the most advanced materials on the market, supplied by global technology partners such as 3M and Exxon Mobil. Rimblades carry multiple international design patents.

With Rimblades, the mechanical integrity of your tyre bead is never compromised.

For the enthusiast driver, Rimblades is the wheel protector for those that care about the performance, handling and looks of their car.

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